Bitcoin 101: A beginners guide

If you are  new to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies this is the page where you should start. I love Bitcoin and believe it is truly revolutionary. My goal for these series of posts is to help people new to Bitcoin understand and use it. For most folks Bitcoin can seem a bit confusing or even mysterious at first. However, with some basic knowledge it will all begin to make scene and your will be able to see why Bitcoin is truly revolutionary.

I wrote the following information as separate blog posts. Here are links to these helpful topics.

Part 1 explains some of the basic concepts are Bitcoin such as blockchain, and wallet.
Part 1 - Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin and where do I  start? 

Part 2 explains how to obtain Bitcoins, such as getting Bitcoin faucets and exchanges.
Part 2- Bitcoin 101: How do I get Bitcoin?

Part 3 will be coming soon
Part 3 - Bitcoin 101: What can I do with Bitcoin?

*This page is still a work in progress. I will be adding new guides for varius topics as I find the time.  Thanks. 

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