Free Altcoins: Faucets, Giveaways, etc.

This a page for links to all altcoins (non-bitcoin) faucets and giveaways! If you are looking for Free Bitcoin see this post.Often times people will give out coins for free in order to promote them. All you need to do is go to these sites and enter your address. If you don't want to open up new wallets for every coin I recommend getting an account at one of the major exchanges.  Just to name a few of the bigger altcoin exchanges - Cryptsy  - Bter, (or see my post on Altcoin exchanges to learn more) With an account at any of these exchanges you can deposit, withdrawal, buy, or sell, all of the coins you get from giveaways!

* General sites and places to visit - 

QoinPro is one of the few sites that will give you many different altcoins. All you need to do is make an account and every day you automatically get Bitcion, Litecoin, Feathercoin and more. I have never received any spam or anything negative from them.

EarnCryptoCoins is an great site with faucets for over 30 different altcoins! Each pays out every hour!

CoinOK is another great site with over 20 altcoin faucets and free altcoin scratch off games!

Altcoinfaucet is also a great site with tons of altcoin faucets. Too many to count!

Bitcoinmaster is a site with faucets for 20 altcoins and information about each coin as well as mining instructions.

@ThisWeeksCoin on twitter always is giving away different altcoins. Giveaways usually last about a week. They also have a great website and helpful forum that hosts additional giveaways.

* Litecoin LTC  

* Dogecoin DOGE - give out Doge every hour. You can also get 50% of your referrals Doge.


*Earthcoin EAC

*Mooncoin MOON

This list will be constantly updated. If you know of any other faucets please let me know on twitter @Bitcoin_Altcoin  Thanks. 
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