Free Bitcoin: Faucets, Giveaways Etc.

*This post is for Free Bitcoins. If you are looking for other cryptocurrencies for free see this post - Free Altcoins

When Bitcoin was first being mined, the community would set up "faucets" that would give away free Bitcoin. The intention was to raise the awareness and user base of Bitcoin. It would give people an incentive to familiarize themselves with the concept of Bitcoin, and give them experience of how to use and secure a wallet, learn about the blockchain, etc. In the beginning the faucets would often give out > 1 BTC! Now they give much smaller amounts as Bitcoin is more valuable. Many other cryptocurrencies follow this model and operate faucets to promote their coin.

Because of the mining fee required to transfer Bitcoins, many of the sites will not pay out until you revive enough to overcome the mining transaction. However, some of these sites let you use them every hour or half hour, so feel free to use them frequently.

Bitcoin Zebra
Virtual Bitcoin Faucet

Quinpro -A new faucet that pays you daily regardless if you visit or not. It is still in beta but right now it pays in Bitcoin,  Litecoin, Feathercoin, Fedoracoin, and Infinatecoin. All you have to do is give them your e-mail and sign up. I can vouch that I have been singed up for over a month with them and have not received any extra spam as a result. 

There are other sites where you can earn Bitcoin for doing simple tasks, like watching a video or visiting a site. It is still basically free Bitcoin! Many of these sites have great referral and affiliate benefits that pay in Bitcoin. 

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Bitvistor - Is a website where users make small amounts of Bitcoin for viewing ads sites for 3-5 minutes. They have been around for a while and always pay out.

Bitcoin4you - Similar as above. Make Bitcoin by filling out a reCaptacha and then load a web site for a 2-5 minuets

BitcoinGet - Is a web site where users can earn Bitcoin by watching short videos and doing simple tasks like searching for things on Google.

BTC Clicks - Get paid to view ads. Simple and easy to use. Also has referral benefits.

IWantFreeBitcoins - This site is a combination of the previous three. You get free Bitcoins for watching videos, completing tasks, filling out surveys and signing up for things.

My Bitcoin Rewards - Interesting model, users receive "entries" for completing simple tasks. You then have the option of placing your entries in to three "pools."  The pools become full of ad revue and pay out Bitcoin everyone that has entries in them. The more entries the higher the pay out. You can "upgrade" your membership status by paying a one time fee to increase your payout.  where your earnings can grow depending on the user base of the site.

CoinAd - Users receive up to 0.003 mBTC per ad, for viewing ads and certain pages for short intervals. Affiliates get 10-20% of referrals earnings. 


VirtaPay - A site that has a virtual market somewhat similar to eBay. They automatically give $100 to every new account. It is posted on the site that sometime soon you will be able to exchange the fiat in your account to Bitcoin. As of now that is not an option.

*if you have found any of this helpful consider donating some coin or using my address one day as you go through your daily rounds - 1ARxEjWei6j9tTqCbez3zTzf4ixxR9W78H

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