Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Make Bitcoin by Advertising: Highest Paying Bitcoin Affiliate Sites

Bitcon and Altcoin Exchanges

Plus500 - Is a CFD service and is the highest paying affiliate I have found. Plus500 will give you $500 for every person who signs up and begins trading. People in the United States can not trade with them but are eligible for referral benefits!

Cryptsy - Cryptsy is one of the most heavily used Altcoin exchanges. It also has the largest variety of coins to trade. For each trade you or a  that a person who you refereed makes you get "Cryptsy points."  At then end of each day Cryptsy gives 5% of its total profit back to users via Cryptsy points. The more points the more you make back.

Bter - is another great altcoin exchange. They usually add popular new coins pretty quick, including Nextcoin, Maxcoin, and Dogecoin. They also have "Bter points" similar to "Cryptsy points" You make 30% on all referrals trading fees for 6 months. Your refferals get 10% off trading fees for 6 months!

Coinbase - Coinbase will give you $5 worth of Bitcoin when a person who you refereed buys > $100 worth of Bitcon.

Pay Per Click, Pay Per Task 

BitcoinGet - Is a web site where users can earn Bitcoin by watching short videos and doing simple tasks like searching for things on Google.  For every user they sign up affiliates get 10% for videos and 5% for everything else.

My Bitcoin Rewards - Website where users get paid to do small tasks. Interesting model, where your earnings can grow depending on the user base of the site. Affiliate payouts are 20% on Direct Referrals 10% on 2nd Level Referrals 5% on 3rd Level Referrals

CoinAd - Users receive small amounts of BTC for viewing ads and certain pages for short intervals. Affiliates get 10-20% of referrals earnings. 


BitBoomba - Digital Casino site. Affiliates make 30% of managed gross revenue for referrals.

Coin Controller - Fun game with good odds. Make 20% of the profit that your referrals make. 


CoinURL - Is a site that provides advertising for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related business and websites. For affiliates they offer  5% of revenue from ad purchases and 1% of link publisher and website owner earnings. It also has a link shortening service that shows brief ads and rewards you on a PPC basis.

Bitcoin Pyramid -  One of the oldest and most trusted. Money from ads and deposits gets redistributed to members. Earn 50% for all of your referrals. Must deposit at least 0.021 BTC to be eligible.

VirtaPay - A site that has a virtual market somewhat similar to eBay. They automatically give $100 to every new account. It is posted on the site that sometime soon you will be able to exchange the fiat in your account to Bitcoin. As of now that is not an option. Make 25$ for every referral. 

Bitcoin faucets - There are many Bitcoin faucets that also have nice referral benefits. You can make BTC every time one of your referrals uses the faucet. Many of the sites on my post about Bitcoin Faucets have referral benefits. 


*I will be adding more great Bitcoin referral sources as I get the chance. If you know of any that I have not included tell me about it on twitter @Bitcoin_Altcoin

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