Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gridseed's Hybrid Scrypt/SHA256 ASIC miners are finally here!

Miners and Crypto experts have been speculating on these hybrid Scrypt/Sha256 ASIC miners for some time. Currently it seems a few business are heavily invested into making this once fantasy now a reality. Right now, it seems a company in China has beaten the completion, and already made and sold active Scrypt/ASIC miners. Unfortunately, it seems right now only people in China can buy them. I'm assuming this will change when people start to organize large bulk orders and ship them independently. I first found out about this a few days ago from this thread on the Feathercoin Forum,  when user lizhi reported that he had used one of the miners. I think this is his twitter account - @ftcc3 . This story is still developing. I would recommend checking that thread, and this website frequently for all of the latest updates. Also check out this thread on Bitcointalk forums for updates

I think this is the website of the store that is selling them -
This may be a website that tells you more about them -

Right now it looks like they are selling one "mining machine" (usb miner) which includes 5 Gridseed GC3355 chips for about $133 

BTC rate:10G/S
LTC rate:300K/S
power of  BTC+LTC Mode:60Wpower of LTC Mode:7W

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